How We Can Help

You were so kind and non-judgemental; I found it very helpful to brainstorm some solutions together. I feel a sense of relief knowing that I now have contact with all of the necessary resources.
UBC Student

Our Services

The Ombuds Office works with all UBC community members to ensure students are treated fairly and can learn, work and live in a fair, equitable and respectful environment.

The office:

  • provides general resource information and makes appropriate referrals;
  • identifies and explains relevant university processes and policies;
  • facilitates discussions and uses informal channels to seek resolution;
  • works with students to plan strategies and explore options on how best to proceed;
  • provides advice, support and training to faculty and staff who deal with students; and
  • works to improve systems and develop best practices and procedures.

Are ombuds services confidential?

Your personal information is considered confidential and we will not share it with anybody else without your permission unless:

  • disclosure is necessary to respond to your request for assistance;
  • disclosure is required or authorized by law; or
  • compelling circumstances exist that affect anyone’s health or safety.

We can…

  • Identify and explain relevant UBC policies and procedures
  • Explore options on how best to proceed and make effective referrals
  • Provide guidance to help plan strategies
  • Clarify goals and promote problem-solving
  • Empower students to deal directly and effectively with their concerns
  • Facilitate discussions and use informal channels to seek resolution
  • Give sound, practice advice
  • Listen and provide an objective perspective

We cannot…

  • Decide who is right or wrong
  • Take sides
  • Receive complaints unrelated to the university
  • Provide legal advice or counselling services
  • Advocate for an individual case
  • Compel actions or overturn decisions